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199,00 EUR*

Erleben Sie bei zwei Live-Coachings wie Systemisches Business Coaching funktioniert und erfahren Sie wie unterschiedliche Methoden in den verschiedenen Phasen des Coachings eingesetzt werden können. Außerdem geben die beiden Coaches in einem ...

99,00 EUR*
Details Systemisches Business Coaching - Ein Live-Coaching zum Thema Work-Life-Balance und Karriere

Das Leben ist stets im Wandel. Einige Dinge kommen überraschend, andere hat man schon unterschwellig gefühlt. Man kann es nur noch nicht richtig greifen. Und dann kommt der Tag X. Alles ist im Umbruch. Nichts ist mehr wie es war. Nutzen Sie diese ...

15,80 EUR*
Details Wingwave-Coaching im Business

Kurzvortrag beim wingwave-Coaching - Internationale Jahrestagung für Kurzzeit-Coaching am 03. November 2012, Besser-Siegmund-Institut in Hamburg

26,90 EUR*
Details Developing a coaching business (Coaching in Practice (Paperback))

"This 'little black book' is a practical book which all coaches should read before they decide to enter the business world of coaching. It is an easy read that is packed with a number of useful tips and practical advice of how to both develop and ...

22,71 EUR*
Details A Buyers Guide To Business Coaching

Seiten: 116, Taschenbuch, Business Jigsaw Press

42,99 EUR*
Details Business-Coaching: Der Coach als Mountain Guide und Hofnarr (German Edition)

Seiten: 200, Ausgabe: 2009, Taschenbuch, VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften

42,24 EUR*
Details The Coaching Kaleidoscope: Insights from the Inside (INSEAD Business Press)

Seiten: 261, Ausgabe: 1st ed. 2010, Taschenbuch, Palgrave Macmillan

36,38 EUR*
Details Coaching Leaders: Guiding People Who Guide Others (Jossey-Bass Business & Management)

"Coaching Leaders" is written for coaches who are in the challenging position of working with leaders and helping them excel as the top executives and managers in their organizations. The book is filled with illustrative examples from Daniel White's ...

76,30 EUR*
Details Conflict Coaching: Conflict Management Strategies and Skills for the Individual

Recent research shows that between 25-85% of conlfict disputants referred to mediation choose not to participate (i.e., they resist wanting to meet face-to-face). In the field of conflict resolution, conflict coaching is the only process that has ...

17,95 EUR*
Details Wingwave-Coaching

Workshop im Rahmen des HAM Coaching-Kongresses "Coaching heute: Zwischen Königsweg und Irrweg" vom 20. - 21. Februar 2014 in Erding. wingwave ist eine Methodenkombination aus NLP, einem gut beforschten Muskeltest (Myostatiktest) Mund wachen REM-Phasen ...

209,87 EUR*
Details The Coach U Personal and Corporate Coach Training Handbook

The Most Comprehensive TrainingTool for New and Experienced Coaches Founded in 1988, Coach U, Inc., is the largest provider of online training for individuals interested in entering the fields of personal and professional coaching. Coach U, Inc., has ...

12,95 EUR*
Details Coaching mit der wingwave®-Methode

Workshop während des Junfermann-Kongresses »Selbstmanagement, Coaching und erfolgreiche Kommunikation«, Februar 2012. Führungskräfte in anspruchsvollen Leistungssituationen benötigen für den optimalen Einsatz ihrer Fähigkeiten eine tragfähige ...

17,80 EUR*
Details Erfolgreiche Kommunikation im Business

Workshop beim Junfermann-Kongress "Selbstmanagement, Coaching und erfolgreiche Kommunikation", vom 10. bis 12. Feb. 2012 in Paderborn

19,95 EUR*
Details Raus aus dem Druck - Rein ins Leben! Das Coaching-Hörbuch, das Ihre Situation verändern wird... umfangreichem Arbeitsteil über 21 Tage - Sabine Mrazek

Coaching-Hörbuch für Manager, Berufstätige und Selbständige zum Umgang mit Druck und Vermeidung eines Burnouts: Verändern Sie Ihren persönlichen Umgang mit Druck im Arbeitsalltag nachhaltig! Den Erfahrungen zahlreicher Coachingprozesse entnommen ...

54,55 EUR*
Details Private Coach: You don't need Many People who can make a Difference in your Life by business coach

Success Coaching: What separates the successful is they have confidants or personal or business coach or more than 2 in specific areas of their life or business. Consultants are depending of the role if directly consulting the CEO is more a business ...

24,23 EUR*
Details Grow the Core: How to Focus on your Core Business for Brand Success

Grow the Core stands conventional wisdom about business growth on its head and provides a proven formula for growing your business in recessionary times. These days, it's a common belief among business leaders across industry sectors that the best way ...

33,29 EUR*
Details The Essential NLP Practitioner's Handbook

The Essential NLP Practitioner's Handbook "The Essential NLP Practitioner's Handbook" provides needed information aboutsetting up and running a thriving business that delivers professional therapyand coaching sessions that get great results. Full ...

60,98 EUR*
Details Management and Myths: Challenging business fads, fallacies and fashions: Challenging the Fads, Fallacies and Fashions

This book takes a very critical look at management fads and fashions and shows that many do not stand up to scrutiny. It is believed for example that coaching is successful. What is the evidence for this? Selection procedures at interviews result in ...

22,66 EUR*
Details SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence

SQ21 "Business owner of successful consulting company presents a pragmatic approach to spiritual development by indentifying twenty-one measurable spiritual intelligence skills described in faith-neutral terms. Author relates her coaching work with ...

104,52 EUR*
Details The IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication: A Guide to Internal Communication, Public Relations, Marketing, and Leadership (International Association of Business Communities)

This thoroughly revised and updated edition includes all new case studies and new original chapters. The topics covered include must be added to each chapter for context: executive communication, executive coaching, communication counsel and the CEO ...

54,55 EUR*
Details The Elevator Strategy For Coaches

Tony Husted, an International Coach Trainer has taught the Elevator Strategy to hundreds of Professional Coaches around the globe. This method is a fresh approach to the old fashioned elevator pitch. The Elevator Strategy answers this simple, yet ...

54,55 EUR*
Details Berny Dohrmann Visionary Crusader of Cooperative Capitalism by Berny Dohrmann

Berny Dohrmann : Visionary Crusader of Cooperative CapitalismIn This DVD, You'll Learn:* Who is Berny Dohrmann & What is CEO Space * A new model of trade show & what it offers business owners and professionals * How CEO Space assure new business is ...

54,51 EUR*
Details A Spiritual Approach to Unlimited Abundance

Being a Life Success Consultant has provided Dawn the 40+ years of teachings of Bob Proctor, one of the stars of the movie, The Secret. The seminars and coaching sessions that she conducts through Life Success blend the timeless personal development ...

58,01 EUR*
Details NBA 2K6 - PlayStation 2 by 2K Games

Modeling the life of the next NBA superstar, 24/7 lets you create your own player and guide him through all of the facets of an elite NBA career. Train your player, improve his skills, and outshine your competition to land endorsement deals and even ...

65,44 EUR*
Details NBA 2K6 - Xbox by 2K Games

Modeling the life of the next NBA superstar, 24/7 lets you create your own player and guide him through all of the facets of an elite NBA career.;V.I.P. System;The Crib -- Making its basketball debut, the Crib offers a totally unique way to show off ...

50,87 EUR*
Details Saturday Evening News (February 11, 2006)


54,51 EUR*
Details Horizontal Conditioning Body Blast DVD with Sandra Koulourides by Sandra Koulourides

HORIZONTAL CONDITIONING BODY BLAST IS A SHORT AND CHALLENGING TOTAL BODY WORKOUT that uses your own body weight for resistance. This DVD contains two 25-30 minute interval based and core intense workouts. The first workout includes impact moves (jumps ...

58,23 EUR*
Details Barefoot Dream (All Region DVD, English Subtitle) by Kim Tae Kyun

Kim Won-kwang was a promising soccer player but now he's a struggling businessman who's often taken for a con man. With everything or nothing to lose, he ventures out to East Timor, the land still recovering from the civil war for his last chance. But ...

21,76 EUR*
Details Make Winning a Habit: 20 Best Practices of the World's Greatest Sales Forces

A master of the complex sale and a bestselling author, Rick Page is also one of the most experienced sales consultants and trainers in the world. Make Winning A Habit defines the gap between what companies know to do and how they consistently perform ...

30,96 EUR*
Details Mary-Kate and Ashley - Holiday In The Sun [UK Import]

Whisked away to the Bahamas in a private jet by their pilot dad, Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen (playing twins Alex and Madison) are initially disappointed to be missing their class trip to Hawaii. (Just what high school do these girls attend?) But the ...

24,56 EUR*
Details The 12 Magic Slides: Insider Secrets for Raising Growth Capital

Author Paul Getty has seen thousands of brilliant founding CEOs present to angel investors, venture capitalists, and institutional investors. And he has seen thousands of them fail in their quest for the money they sincerely believed would lead to ...

54,56 EUR*
Details Harmony in Hanoi[NON-US FORMAT, PAL] by Miranda Richardson

It is nearly thirty years since the Vietnam war ended and the country is emerging from political and economic isolation. Music, and particularly the story of the Vietnamese National Symphony Orchestra (VNSO), reflect these changes from a cultural ...

14,90 EUR*
Details Tanz auf dem Vulkan - DVD - Über den Umgang mit starken Gefühlen auf Basis neurobiologischer Erkenntnisse

Weckert, Al: Tanz auf dem Vulkan Art.Nr.: JOK3030D ?ber den Umgang mit starken Gef?hlen auf Basis neurobiologischer Erkenntnisse T?glich werden wir mit den Gef?hlen unserer Mitmenschen konfrontiert: Wir erleben w?tende Kunden, genervte Kollegen ...

84,42 EUR*
Details Natalie Wood Boxset (Splendour In The Grass / Bombers B52 /Cash Mccall / Gypsy / Sex and The Single Girl / Inside Daisy Clover [6 DVDs] [UK Import]

Inside Daisy Clover: Natalie Wood & Robert Redford shine in this. Sex and the Single Girl: From Helen Gurley Brown's bestseller. Natalie Wood is the girl who writes the book on love, and Henry Fonda, Tony Curtis, and Lauren Bacall join her in the ...

7,21 EUR*
Details Glory Days of British Steam [DVD] [UK Import]

The Glory Days of British Steam Branch Lines & Byways: Branch lines and secondary routes have always had a special appeal. This programme recalls many such English byways in films made in the 1950s and 60s. The railways portrayed ran through ...